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HYPE Your Live Stream

Add a Hype-Audience Event To Your Stream.
Increase your Followers.
Drive Revenue for your Stream.
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Create A Hype Event for your Live Stream
  • Custom Game Show​

  • Polls & Predictions

  • Esports Leaderboards

  • Game Integrations

  • Mini Video Games

  • Music Live Shows

  • Live Stream Shopping

  • Spot Ads & Sponsorships

  • Virtual Goods

  • Donations & Payment Integration

  • Call to Actions

Enable it on your Stream & Build Your Audience
  • Use an Extension or OBS Overlay 

    • Twitch, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram and Zoom

  • Integrate with chat or other 3rd party apps or services
  • Launch on Web, iOS, and Android

  • Analyze your Audience - track engagement, emails, payment, and viewership

Engagement For Everyone

  • Esports

  • Shopping

  • Just Chatting

  • Original Programming

  • Team Building​

  • Workplace Events

  • Online Education

  • Online Conferences

Who are we

Content Experiences Improve Engagement & Revenue Opportunities

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Warzone Wednesday Tournament Leaderboard

  • Track real-time player and tournament stats

  • Featured Fan Predictions and Polls

  • Streamer Reach of 60M; 42K CCV 

  • 80%+ engagement with HypeVision Interactive Overlay

  • 20%+ click-through rate on 'Call to Action' 

Live Game Shows

  • Host and play a game show with your audience

  • Popular formats include:

    • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

    • HQ Trivia

    • Wheel of Fortune

    • Win, Lose or Draw

    • Video games (endless runners, flappy birds)

  • Play using video overlays, second screen, and chat

  • Reward players using $Cashtag

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How it works
Gabe, 100 Thieves

"A great tool for producers - super easy and well thought out for programming."

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